Improv training is more than just fun for companies and organizations – it’s essential! Improv can spark inspiration and innovation to your corporate atmosphere. Improv is not about making people laugh. Improv is about listening actively so that you can react to information quickly and make the strongest choice in the moment.

Our trainers will teach your team how to use the improv concept of “Yes, and…” Through improv, your team members will gain confidence as they develop stronger listening skills, increase their ability to think on their feet and learn to support each other relentlessly by seeing the merit in all ideas and building on those as a team.

Our workshops are fun, supportive, and help to create strong team connections.

Station Theater’s faculty, staff, and talented performers have captivated audiences at festivals, local events and on tour across the country.

If you’re looking for a unique way to engage your employees at a convention, meeting, festival, gathering or event – let Station Theater help you add some fun!

Our staff can create a live performance or video sketch custom-made for your organization – or we can provide a host for your special event!

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