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In Sketch Writing I, students will learn how to take comedic ideas from seeds to full germination using exercises to generate and develop concepts, characters, and situations. At the end of the class you will feel confident in your ability to concoct a premise and write a script with a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • This is Level 1 of a 5 Level curriculum.
  • Prerequisite: Improv experience recommended but not required
  • Price: $216.50 (Includes tax)
  • Instructor: Riley Smith
Start Date: May 31 – Thursdays, 6-8pm; 8 week class 

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Start Date: August 1 – Wednesdays, 8-10pm; 8 week class

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  • Prerequisite: Sketch Writing: Level 1
  • Price: $216.50 (Includes tax)
  • Instructor: Aaron Garrett
Start Date: May 22 – Tuesdays, 6-8pm; 8 week class 
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Start Date: June 18 – Mondays, 8-10pm; 8 week class 
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Honing your individual comedic voice and working together to discover astonishing moments of honesty and comedy are the hallmarks of Station Improv and Sketch Classes. Our curriculum is centered on supporting each other ferociously on stage, making bold choices, and finding the comedy conspiracy under every scene. We have a blast and teach comedy skills that will enrich your life!
Station Theater is Houston’s best longform improv ans sketch writing community and conservatory. We teach a unique syllabus focused on solid scene work through finding your individual voice and supporting the ideas of your scene partners in the moment. Email Station Theater to learn more about our upcoming classes!
Prerequisites are required for Levels 2-5 in Improv and Sketch Writing. Improv Level 1 is recommended for Sketch Writing but not required. 

Questions? Please email Station Theater or call (832) 786-0413. 

Classes and shows are not refundable once purchased. We are happy to transfer you to another show or class that better fits your schedule, based on availability.