Diversity & Equity Program

Station Theater wants unique voices on stage!

Station Theater recognizes that the inclusion and celebration of diverse perspectives creates better performances, enriches our members, and ensures we are representing the greater Houston community!  To better serve our diverse community, Station Theater is introducing the Diversity & Equity Program.

The program will include several opportunities to increase representation of unique or underrepresented perspectives in improv.

Monthly Improv Diversity Jam
First Sunday of the Month; 1-3pm

The Station Theater Diversity Jam welcomes people of all faces and places to come together and improvise!

The Diversity Jam provides a safe and open stage for all unique voices and experiences to have fun creating improvised theater together. Only enthusiasm and energy are required!

All levels of improv experience are invited – even those with no experience!

There will be no jam on Sunday, October 7 due to Trill Comedy Festival.

Diversity Scholarship and Fellowship Programs

Station Theater understands that it’s more than just money that can prevent someone from completing improv classes. The fellowship program ensures we provide our students what they need to be successful and happy improvisers. We want to invest in individuals with unique voices and encourage them to be their true selves on and off the stage.
Scholarships will be awarded on a rotating basis.


  • Available to students in Improv Levels 1 & 2.
  • Each scholarship covers one level of study and may not be applied retroactively.
  • Those rewarded a scholarship for Level 1 can reapply for a second scholarship to be applied to Level 2.
  • Students not awarded a scholarship for Level 1 may still apply for Level 2.
  • Recipients are encouraged to participate in Station Mentor program.



  • Students entering Levels 3 & 4 may apply for this Fellowship.
  • Fellowships apply to Improv Levels 3-5. Once awarded, students are covered through their graduation.
  • Recipients will be provided a Diversity and Equity Committee member as a mentor.
  • Recipients may be invited to play and practice with well established and diverse troupes such as Discharged and Can’t Tell Us Nothing.
  • Recipients will be offered a Letter of Recommendation upon completion of the Fellowship program from committee members to be used for work, school, etc.
  • Recipients and alumni of the fellowship program are encouraged to help grow the Diversity & Equity program by suggesting and even implementing new ideas for outreach, community building, and inclusion (e.g. a jam, blog, or newsletter)


The Station Theater Diversity & Equity Program is not affiliated with Actor’s Equity.