Battle Station: Sundays at 8:30pm

Battle Station is a weekly improv competition that pits two expert improv teams against one another in a no-holds barred, cagematch-style, head-to-head show. The winner of the show, as determined by audience vote and secret tribunal judgement, will move on to play again the following week, whereas the loser will be forced to run home and cry to their mama’s.

All this for the chance to take home the GOLDEN RAY GUN as the 2018 Champion and get into the annals of Station Theater as CHAMPIONS!

January 14

Careless Whiskers – More fun than digging up land mines!
Careless Whiskers are 18 ferrets who learned professional hair and makeup techniques and now masquerade as three human improvisors. Cast: Josh Bass, Manda Mercy, Paul Shinneman


WINNER: Salad With The Boys – We go git it and come back wit it
Four tall, talented, (mostly) handsome improvisers bro out with the audience over some salad. Cast: Barney Trouble, Tito Jabroni, Jawbreaker Jones, Thunder N Lightning (Charlie Becker, Don Freeman, Ethan Rideaux, Jake Reiner)

January 21

Salad With The Boys – We go git it and come back wit it


WINNER: I’m Just Happy to be Here – Burn, baby, burn
I’m Just Happy to be Here came in third in Station Theater’s first-ever Battle Station competition. And, shucks, y’all, they want to put smiles on all your pretty faces and giggles in all your vocal cords. As long as you’re having a good time, they’re having a good time! Even when they’re committing arson and stabbing one another. Cast: Jessica Thompson Falla, Calan Lambert, Meredith Nudo, Kyle Sellers

January 28

WINNER: I’m Just Happy to be Here – Burn, baby, burn


Career Offenders – Super Fun. Super Cute. Super Offensive.
Career Offenders is a wiley group of rascals that create comedy that stains the soul. You’ll need to scrub your soul real hard after one of our shows. Basically, we do whatever the f**k we want and you can’t stop us. Well, you probably could but we’d really appreciate if you didn’t. Cast: Ben Griesinger, Keith Huang, Paul Shinneman, and Peru Flores

February 4

No show this week due to “The Big Game”

February 18

I’m Just Happy to be Here – Burn, baby, burn


4 Bear Rage Run – Bears rock
: Daniel McCarty, Sarah Profit, Brett Forina, Pam Swiftbrooks, Shu Kounchi, Sam Martinez, Laura Dickerson

February 18



Puma Pants – Critics are RAVING: “So funny I might Puma Pants!”
Four fantastic people doing improv so funny, you’ll say “I love to Puma Pants.” Cast: Patrick Simmons, Tom Daily, Lindsey Jackson, Tamara Warton