Protostar: Students on the Rise – Sundays, Apr 2-May 7

Students are taking over Sundays at Station Theater!

Our students are talented. Incredibly talented. And now, Sundays are now all about them.  Join us on Sundays at 7pm, April 2 – May 7 as groups of students from our Level 1 – 5 classes take the stage together as headliners. They are the stars! Each week, a different veteran improv troupe opens.

Protostar is hosted by Station Theater’s own Brian Kondrach. All Protostar shows are Pay-What-You-Wish and BYOB

Sunday, April 2
Protostar Team 1: Unrelated News

  • Cast: Jasmine Adekoya, Javier Florez, John Mayo, Myranda Baylous, Shannon Banner, Shawn Russell
  • Mentors: Ben Hebert, Chuck Vaughn
  • Opening Troupe: Talk-O Cabana
    Art imitates “life” – or maybe just more art as your favorite fake Taco Cabana-based podcast comes to life as improv! Ben, Jesse, and Jess explore numerous topics as part of our podcast Talk-O Cabana then go even deeper, spinning off into improv scenes. Cast: Ben Hebert, Jesse F. Garson, Jessica Brown

Sunday, April 9
Protostar Team 2: JK DJ

  • Cast: Don Freeman, Jake Mittleman, Jose Garza, Kelly Krohn
  • Mentors: Charlie Becker, Eric Wright
  • Opening Troupe: Black Market Lullaby
    Black Market Lullaby takes what you think you know about improv and throws it out the window. Taking inspiration from within, BML creates chaos and order to develop scenes, monologues and transitions. Cast: Aaron Garrett, Brian Jones, Brian Kondrach, Chuck Vaughn, Jesse Garson, Liz Larson, Lynn Johnson

Sunday, April 16
Protostar Team 3: Jam Sandwich

  • Cast: Alejandro Sanoja, Caryn Fulda, Hugh Jones, Kathy Matlage, Ripp Motion
  • Mentors: Neil DuRoss, Hannah Stanchi, Keith Huang
  • Opening Troupe: Imitation Game
  • Coke or Pepsi? Chocolate or Vanilla? Cats or Dogs? Is there a right answer? You bet your ass there is. Come watch Imitation Game bring down the hammer of truth! Cast: Charlie Becker, Don Freeman, Ethan Rideaux, Jake Reiner, Sean Schnyder

Sunday, April 23
Protostar Team 4: Glucose Guardians

  • Cast: Allison Biehl, James Kancewick, John Doan, Kelvin Foung, Nicole Milton, Paul Robertson
  • Mentors: Jason McElweenie, Jake Reiner
  • Opening Troupe: Combat Wombats
    Just a bunch of wild wombats looking to kick ass and chew gum. And we are fresh out of asses. Cast: Adam Bartel, Chris Fusselman, Dan McCarty, Jesse F. Garson, Lynn Johnson

Sunday, April 30
Protostar Team 5: Detention Seekers

  • Cast: Erica Escalante, Matthew Thomas, Nancy Martch, Sarah Keller, Scott Little
  • Mentors: Lynn Johnson, Kyle Sellers
  • Opening Troupe: 5 Minutes Late
    Even though they never make it to practice on time, the improvisers of 5 Minutes Late work at breakneck speed to introduce ridiculous characters and situations, all while “following the funny.” For you improv nerds out there, 5 Minutes Late performs a traditional Slacker. Cast: Brian Jones, Brittany Kraft, Jeffrey Anderson,  Jake Reiner, Lynnae Willette, Tamara Warton

Sunday, May 7
Protostar Team 6: Brisket Pankes

  • Cast: Aimee Gardner, Chip Brewster, Daniel McCarty, Evy Brown, Kevin Hirth, Rob Gegner
  • Mentors: Calan Lambert, Teresa Rocknic
  • Opening Troupe: Chuck + Jess
    Chuck + Jess devote the entire show to exploring the relationship of two characters. They are not afraid to explore the darker and deeper side of improv – but also delight in the absurd. And puns. Cast: Chuck Stanfield and Jessica Brown