Improv Jams

Station Theater’s Improv Jams are relaxed and non-intimidating events. Events are 17+ and free of charge. All experience levels are welcome – no improv experience required. Please come as you are, that’s more than enough.

Please enter at the back of the theater for all jams.

Weekly Improv Jam

Every Saturday, 4-5:30pm

The weekly Improv Jam is an open to improvisers of all levels of experience.

Diversity Jam

First Sunday of the month, 12-2pm.

The Diversity Jam provides a safe and open stage for all unique voices and experiences to have fun creating improvised theater together. Only enthusiasm and energy are required!

The Jam of Tongues

Second Sunday of the Month, 2-4pm

This Jam is open to any improviser interested in improvising in other languages.

Third Sunday of the Month, 12-2pm

A jam focused on improvised singing.

Musical Improv Jam

Third Sunday of the Month, 2-4pm

An LGBTQIA+ improv jam for those who identify as queer, trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, genderqueer, and their allies!

This jam is a safe space to explore queer identities and relationships onstage. We want this to be a fun place to meet new people, create, and explore together.

Queer Improv Jam

Fourth Sunday of the Month, 12-2pm

If you are a cisgender female (meaning your gender identity corresponds with your birth sex) or if you identify as female, you are welcome!

Ma’am Jam

Fourth Sunday of the Month, 2-4pm

A jam for performers over the age of 40!

Hosted by The 80s Kids

Retro Jam