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 Roger Anderson  Jessica Brown  Steven M. Saltsman
Roger Anderson
Director of Operations
Jessica Brown
Director of Marketing &
Corporate Training
Steven M. Saltsman
Conservatory Director
Roger Anderson has been serving as co-director, performing, and coaching at Station Theater since its inception, and played as a member of Structure, Station’s inaugural Harold troupe. In addition, he co-leads the Applied Improv program for businesses.

He graduated from the programs at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles and The New Movement Houston, and received additional training via workshops and coaching from mainstage performers at UCB, iO Chicago, Annoyance Theater, and Huge Theater.
Roger has performed at The Second City in Los Angeles, iO West, The Clubhouse, and The New Movement in both Austin and New Orleans.

Festival experience includes Houston Improv Festival, Trill Comedy Festival, Düofest, and Megaphone Marathons. Roger also regularly judges the College Improv Tournament.

In addition, Roger holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Sam Houston State University, with over five years of experience applying his knowledge to creative and marketing training.

He is also a trained vocalist and member of a society dedicated to preserving barbershop quartet singing, which is absolutely a real thing.


Current Troupes: Corner Office, Ouija Bone, Trek Wars, Chalk Dust, Salty Brownderson

Past Troupes: Miracle Pig, Mother Teresa’s Drunk Advice

Station Theater House Troupes: Supernova, Structure

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Jessica Brown is a native Houstonian and forever Longhorn, having attended The University of Texas at Austin. She spent two decades working in destination marketing and tourism before moving to working full-time as the director of Station Theater and co-owner of Phase 3 Comedy, LLC.

Her role entails overseeing the theater’s PR and marketing and the Applied Improv program for businesses. In addition, she serves as an instructor to students in the conservatory program, and has coached the Launchpad student troupe for over 11 seasons. Jessica also produces and directs marketing for the Houston Improv Festival, Trill Comedy Festival, and the Florida-based Beach *Prov Women’s Improv Retreat.

Jessica completed the training programs at ComedySportz Houston in 2010, Rogue Improv in 2011, and The New Movement Houston in 2012. She toured nationally with The New Movement’s Tourceratops in 2012. Festival performances include Chicago Improv Festival, Trill Comedy Festival, Houston Improv Festival, Improv Festival Oklahoma, Improv Wins, Megaphone Marathons, and Houston Fringe Festival. Throughout her career, she has worked to expand her improv and sketch education through workshops and classes with veterans from Kids in the Hall, iO Chicago, Annoyance Theater, Huge Theater, Merlinworks, and more.

Outside of improv, Jessica has recorded audiobooks, radio commercials for tourist destinations across Texas, and guests regularly on the local public radio show Houston Matters. 


Current Troupes: No More Words – Silent Improv, Chuck + Jess, Wonder Woman Underoos, Soubrette City, Trek Wars, My Name is Kathy, Mother Teresa’s Drunk Advice, Chalk Dust, Salty Brownderson

Past Troupes: Heroes of Milkton, Fematoma, Jousting Bieber, This Infinite Closet, Crash Atlas, Unwilling Voyeur, Space Mutt, Old Enough to Know Better, Talk-O Cabana

Station Theater House Troupes: Structure Presents: The Harold, The LaRonde, The Eric Hungerford, and The Crash Atlas

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Steven started improvising at Purdue University, where he earned his B.A. in Theatre-Acting. Steven is also a graduate of the Station Theater Conservatory.

He has performed and taught both long form and short form improvisation, since 2006 and 2008, respectively.

Steven has performed at the Trill Comedy Festival, Houston Improv Festival, Improv Wins and Houston Fringe Festival. He regularly performs with several house troupes at Station Theater as well as This Infinite ClosetThe MockumentalistsPadded Cell, Matt’s on Stage, Like-Minded People, Space Mutt, Red Hot Mammas, The 9s, Unwilling Voyeur and his solo improv show Prolific.

Steven has trained with Jill Bernard, Joe Bill, Tara DeFrancisco, the staff of ComedySportz Indianapolis, Holly Laurent, Chris Trew, Purdue’s Ship of Fools, much of the Purdue University Theatre staff and many others. Steven also received mentorship under Richard Stockton Rand.

Steven teaches forms, coaches, and produces shows/troupes at Station Theater.

He can also help you with your questions about upcoming classes, internships, how shows are run, troupe formation, and conservatory policies.

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Aaron Garrett
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Aaron Garrett studied long form improv to con people into being in his sketch comedy (it didn’t work.) He graduated Station Theater’s conservatory program in 2014 with a major in Long-form improv and a minor in pottery. He co-founded Be Kind To Strangers sketch comedy which can be seen often at Station theater, and, so far, no where else. In 2014 he founded and has since run Anchor Sketch Comedy Collaborative, a group dedicated to bringing Houston sketch writers together outside of their normal troupes. He’s a homebody who rarely ventures outside Houston, but has performed at the Hideout Theater in Austin, and has worked with Stages Theater, Black Lab Theater, Houston Shakespeare Festival, and the Rice Players.


  • Past Troupes: Sorry Mom
  • House Troupes: Structure Presents: Monoscene, Structure Presents: Harold, Structure Presents: Blackmarket Lullaby
  • Current Troupes: Magical Lying Hour, Be Kind To Strangers (Sketch), Anchor (Sketch), 2H Club

Angela Mayans Lee – Instructor
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Angela Mayans is a teacher and coach at Station Theater. In a past life, Angela studied musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and did things like tour the country as the Little Mermaid singing and dancing for children. Then she went to Columbia University and got a “real degree”, which she has used to become a video producer, writer and voiceover actor (things you really need an ivy league degree for, I swear, mom). After moving to Houston in 2012, Angela began her love affair with long-form improv comedy, graduating from Station’s conservatory program in 2013, continuing study at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles, and participating in workshops with Chris Gethard and Joe Wengert.


  • Past Troupes: Sorry Mom, Beef Donkey, Rungeliad, That Special Torment
  • House Troupes: Supernova Armando, Structure presents : The Onion, Soundtrack, La Ronde 2, Crash Atlas, and Youngbloods
  • Current Troupes: Crumbsworth, Fugue State, Everything is Real, 14 Ovaries

Monica Marcha – Instructor
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Monica began studying (and loving) improv at Station Theater in the summer of ‘13. From there, she joined Station’s first ever student troupe, graduated it’s conservatory program and currently coaches and teaches improv. Previously Monica spent much of her time performing musical theater with local and regional theaters around Houston. She has performed improv at Upright Citizen’s Brigade – Sunset, iO West, and participated in the Houston Fringe Fest, Houston Improv Festival, Trill Comedy Festival, and Funny Women Festival.


  • Past Troupes: This Infinite Closet, Unwilling Voyeur
  • House Troupes: Youngbloods, Supernova Armando, Structure Presents: La Ronde, The Harold, The Slacker, Pretty Flower, The Onion, Dinner for 6
  • Current Troupes: Jamie & Monica, 2H Club, Mildly Popular, Teachable Moments

Matt Graham – Instructor
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Matt Graham

Matt Graham’s improv instruction muddles delightfully with his daytime work as a middle school writing teacher. Matt is a graduate of The New Movement Conservatory. Some of his favorite improv instructors include: Shyla Ray, Joe Bill, Jill Bernard, Tammy Nelson, Chris Trew, Mike Spara, CJ Hunt, Tim Soszco, Jet Eveleth, and Jimmy Carrane. Matt has performed in several festivals and toured nationally.


  • Past Troupes: Blink, Heroes of Milkton, This Infinite Closet, Matt’s on Stage, The 9’s
  • Current Troupes: The Mockumentalists

Jim Meyers – Instructor
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Jim Meyers

Jim loves teaching. When he’s not teaching his high school math courses by day, he’s at Station teaching the Level 0 and Level 3 classes by night. Jim’s improv career started in January of 2012 when he began classes with and later graduated from The New Movement theater. Since then, he’s been the regular host of the Friday night shows at Station Theater and has performed in too many Supernova shows to count. He’s performed in several festivals both in Houston and across the states, written and performed in multiple sketch comedy shows, and participated in numerous variety shows.


  • Past Troupes: Blink, Day Girlfriend, The Legend That Never Was, Red Hot Mamas, The 9s
  • House Troupes: Supernova Armando, Supernova
  • Current Troupes: Standards, Like-Minded People,  September

Bryan Cruz – Former Instructor
Bryan Cruz started his improv career in 2000 with ComedySportz High School League.  Upon moving to Austin in 2003, he co-founded GigglePants Improv, the premiere college improv troupe of The University of Texas at Austin, which is still in existence. Bryan trained for nine years in Austin; focusing on Narrative Improv at Merlin Works,  the Harold and Gamework Improv with Coldtowne and Institution Theaters, and at the UCB Theater in New York. He was cast in weekly shows with the Puppet Improv Project, and the Institution Musical Harold Troupe. He has performed in New York and Atlanta, GA with Dusk improvised Tween Erotica for a 2-year run. He has performed  with Mark Sutton, Joe Bill, Jill Bernard and Asaf Ronin. His troupes have performed at the Oklahoma Improv Festival, Houston Improv Festival, and the Houston Improv Festival. Bryan is also a trained actor with a focus on Meisner. He is SAG eligible with film and commercial credits.


  • Past Troupes: Gigglepants, Ed 32, No Chaser, Bachelor Pad, iScream Sandwhich, Space Mutt, Unwilling Voyeur, The 9s, Trek Wars
  • House Troupes: Structure Presents: The LaRonde, Movie Troupe


Shyla RayShyla Ray
Shyla has taught improv classes, camps, and corporate and festival workshops since 2009 and currently teaches improv with Station Theater and Rice University. She’s the creator of the Trill Comedy Fest!

Shyla has a Masters in Art History from American University. She has studied improv with Tami and Chris of The New Movement Theater, at IO Chicago, and from instructors hailing from the Dallas Comedy House, Coldtowne Theater, the Annoyance Theater, and The Second City.

Shyla has performed and taught on tour across the country, at over a dozen major national festivals, opened for Tig Notaro, Aphasia, The UCB Allstars, The Tim & Micah Project, The Chris Gethard Show, and performed in shows with Jason Chin, Jill Bernard, Matt Donnelly, Mark Sutton, and Joe Bill.