Performer’s Bill of Rights

It is the belief and assertion of Station Theater and its staff that the following rights extend to all performers, whether performing or in study:

  • To be safe during performances, rehearsals, and classes.

  • To set boundaries regarding physical contact and subject matter that might trigger a severe negative emotional response.

  • To immediately step out of any scene, performance, rehearsal, or class in which you feel unsafe.

  • To speak to any coach, faculty member, or any other Station employee regarding behavior by any person that you feel infringes on your rights.

  • To have this discussion held in confidence or to be shared in the manner agreed upon by you and the person to whom you make a report.

  • To report any conduct that one believes to be a violation of another’s rights to the same extent as if it had been a violation of one’s own rights.

Exercising any of these rights will not adversely affect one’s ability to progress in classes, to be cast in house troupes, or to be booked for shows.

Station Theater and its staff are committed to upholding these rights both in productions presented by Station Theater and any in which Station Theater participates either directly or as a sponsor.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to your instructor, any member of faculty, Jessica Brown, Roger Anderson. You may also submit concerns anonymously via our Feedback Form.